standard Google Gives In, Android Wear Now Compatible with iPhone

Android Wear SupportIn the great ecosystems war, not all battles are won; not all vendors can force users to fully submit to their services and add-ons. Microsoft first accepted this by opening up their services (Office, Skype, OneNote and others) to Android and Apple, cause you can’t win all your battles. Now Google has officially announced that Android Wear (Starting with the LG Urbane, and all future devices) will be supported on iPhones, meaning that you don’t have to ditch your iPhone for the sake of a Android Wear watch if the Apple Watch doesn’t meet your fancy.

Any iPhone running iOS 8.2 will be supported (so basically iPhone 5 and above), Android  Wear devices will be able to deliver notifications, fitness tracking and even Google now to your wrist, regardless of your choice of Smartphone OS (as long as it’s not Windows Phone).