standard Google Has a New Logo and Font

1411460647319136038Google now had a new logo and new font to go with it, the new colors look a lot more pastel and clearer. The new font is Google’s own creation, called “Product Sans” the purpose of which is that it’s highly scale-able appearing clear on both tiny watch screens and huge TV screens.

Now, Google has updated the logo with a sans-serif typeface (think Helvetica) that’s actually Google’s own creation. Called Product Sans, we got a first peek of it in the company’s Alphabet logo, and at a glance, it undoubtedly looks more modern than the old alternative. But sans-serif typefaces are popular on these days for another reason than some attempt at dot com cool: their streamlined glyphs shrink down to tiny sizes with more legibility than the more ornamental serif lettering. And so Google has created a logo that can read as well on a 2.5-inch Android Wear watch face as it does your 50-inch TV playing Chromecast.

If you head over to Google’s home page, you’ll see a cute little .gif of Google erasing their old logo and writing out the new, pretty cool. What do you think?

Via: Gizmodo

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