standard Huawei Launches the Mate S with Force Touch

03-bg02-2Yesterday at IFA Huawei  launched their latest flagship, the Mate S; the new 5.5″ screen device has a paltry 1080p display when compared to Sony’s insane 4K display of the Z5 Premium. However the Mate S shines with a new feature many expected to see only on the upcoming iPhone, Force Touch which allows users to navigate across the OS with gestures and varying forces on the screen. For example when viewing an image, users can zoom in on a certain area by simply “force-touching” on the area of interest.

On the  inside the Mate S comes with a Kirin 935 processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage; along with an all new bio-metric fingerprint scanner on the back, that’s reported to be 100% faster than the previous one. The Mate S also comes with a 13 MP main camera, and an 8 MP front facing camera.


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