standard Apple “Re-Invents” Nokia Living Images as Live Photos

iPhone 6s animated screensaver

With Apple’s iPhone 6S event yesterday, they also announced a “new” feature called “Live Photos”, those familiar with Lumia phones will find this feature  direct rip-off of Nokia’s Living Images. The concept revolves around simply capturing a second or two of video before the image, allowing you to capture the scene behind the photo; you can see it in action in Nokia’s Living images announcement over a year and a half ago (April 2014).

Of course Apple have taken Nokia’s concept a bit further and allowed users to view their Live Photos anywhere, not just in the gallery app; you can also set an animated image live photo as your home-screen or lock-screen, so once again it’s a classic of Apple “re-inventing” an idea that others have had for years.

(Live photo via Telegraph)

  • Zhi

    And yet Microsoft is discontinuing Storyteller..

    • because they integrated living images into the photos app , so no need for another app