standard A Look at Nokia’s Cancelled “Pine” Linux Based E-Reader

COo9V8XWIAEqiHK.jpgEarlier today Evan Blass shared the photo above along with the caption “The Nokia Reader, circa 2013”, although the device obviously never made it to stores, it’s not the first time we’ve heard of an E-Reader from Nokia. Over two years ago, we exclusively reported over at MyNokiaBlog that Elop canned a Nokia eReader/Tablet “on almost literally day one of becoming CEO”.

One major decision Elop did on almost literally day one of becoming CEO was putting an end to a tablet/E-reader project that Nokia were working on called “Pine”. The device was a Linux based system, where Nokia were teaming up with book providers to get some “interactive content”.


Now thanks to Evan we know what the tablet code-named “pine” was actually set to look like. Our original source reported the the E-Reader was set to be a Linux based system, and that Nokia had already struck out deals with ebook and other content providers. Although we don’t know what Elop’s reasoning behind cancelling the tablet/E-Reader, one can’t help but wonder, what if?