standard Microsoft Band Drops to $99 Ahead of Expected Band 2 Release


Earlier this week we got a look at what Microsoft’s updated Band is set to look likelaunching on October 6th alongside Windows 10 Mobile, the Surface Pro 4 and a pair of upcoming Lumias. Now in what appears to be some stock clearing and preparations for the next version of the device, multiple online retailers have dropped the Band drown from $199 to $99, which is certainly an excellent deal for a sweet piece of tech.

The drop in the price also points to the Band 2 coming with a similar initial price-tag of $199, whether Microsoft will continue to produce the original Band is something we’re yet to find out for sure.

You can order the Microsoft Band form amazon for $99 at the link below.

Microsoft Band


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  • Assuming that I can get it shipped to Finland, what problems would I face with it? Not knowing meters and kilograms? Sunday as first day of the week? Other?

    • You should be able to change most of those in the preferences (it has no calendar so knowing when the week starts doesn’t matter). As long as you have cortana functioning on your phone you can still use it too ( I don’t since I’m in Android nos).