standard LG V10 Teaser Video Confirms Leaks and Screen Ticker

Screenshot at 14-38-04A while back we saw leaks of a previously unheard of LG device, called the V10. Now it appears LG have confirmed the leak with a new teaser video promoting the “interesting” ticker that takes up 3/4th of the screen adjacent to the front facing camera and light sensor. In the video below (and the screenshot above) you can clearly see the “staggered” top of the screen, where the smaller portion is used as a ticker to display information, and will probably be used for notification and alerts.

Another usage of the ticker area could be as simple as displaying in-call information (contact name, call duration, etc…) allowing free usage of the screen while on long calls. Given that LG have started teasing the device, we expect it won’t be long until it’s officially announced (probably next week given the date 1.10.2015 in the video), and we can only hope the rest of the specs are as interesting as the display.   COASu-CWsAAdXAi.jpg

What do you guys think? Interesting or ugly?

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