standard LG Announces the all new V10, with dual front facing camera and an always on second screen

LG_V10_Black_01.0True to the leaks and rumors, LG have just announced their latest high-end phone, the Lg V10. the V10 comes with some very interesting new features, including a second always on ticker screen (above the main screen) that can be sued for weather, notifications, multitasking and more. To the left of the second screen are a pair of 5 MP front facing cameras, one is 80 degrees and the second 120 degrees, allowing to capture better selfies, and what LG are calling “groufies” (selfies with a group). LG_V10_Second_Screen.0On the inside, the V10 is very similar to the G4; with a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3000 mAh removable battery, a QHD screen, 3 GBs of Ram and a 16 MP main camera, besides the expandable storage, the V10 comes with 64 GBs of internal storage.

In case you’re wondering about build material, the back of the phone is made with “high-grade stainless steel and a durable silicone skin“, and the little bumps on the back seem to add to the grippiness of the phone. LG_V10_03.0

LG haven’t announced a price for the V10, but it will go on sale in LG’s home country South Korea this month, and later to other regions. It’ll be available in several colors including Space Black / Luxe White / Modern Beige / Ocean Blue / Opal Blue.


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