standard Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 and Band 2 available for preorder on Amazon

410uWzJ4PNLAlthough all of Microsoft’s latest offerings are already available for preorder through their own website, Amazon has also listed the Band 2, The Surface Book, and the Surface Pro 4 (with all their configurations) on their site, available for pre-order shipping on October 30th.

Personally I prefer purchasing through Amazon because of their very lenient return/refund policy, as well as the fact that many people have Amazon credit waiting to be spent (and what better to spend it on than this?).

The Band 2 is selling for the same $249, and is available in all three sizes: Microsoft Band 2 – Medium

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The Surface Book is also available in all its configurations, ranging from the base model  i5/128 GBS/ 8GBs RAM for $1600, all the way up to the i7/ 512 GBS/ 16 GBs RAM + NVIDIA dedicated GPU for $2,699: Microsoft Surface Book (512 GB, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GeForce graphics)

61BHi0zaruL._SL1000_Finally the Surface Pro 4 is also available in all its configurations, starting from $899, and maxing out at $1599: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 12.3-inch Tablet (Intel Core i7, 4 GB RAM, 512 GB Hard Drive)

Is anyone planning on buying any of these? I’m seriously tempted by the Surface Book, but have my reservations considering it’s a first generation product, the Band 2 also looks extremely tempting but I don’t see myself upgrading from the original unless Microsoft offer some sort of trade-in program.

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