standard LG promises to be the first Android OEM to roll-out Android 6.0 Marshmallow

DSC07882In the world of Android devices, having the latest phone with the best processor doesn’t mean much if you have to wait several months for your phone manufacturer to begin rolling out the latest software update to your phone. Last year LG got in front of the Android update debacles and was the first Android OEM to being rolling out Android 5.0 AKA Lollipop to its then flagship device, the G3. 475399-android-marshmallow

This year LG are attempting to double up on that feat, promising customers that the G4 will be the first Android device to receive Android 6.0 AKA Marshmallow, that is of course besides the Google Nexus devices which have already begun receiving the update, including LG’s own Nexus 5.

“By working closely with Google, LG has been able to bring Android 6.0 to the G4 ahead of any of our competitors,” Chris Yie, vice president and head of marketing communications for LG Mobile Communications, said in a statement. “While speed alone isn’t an indicator of great service, it does go a long way toward giving consumers the confidence that LG is committed to its existing customers first.”   –Cnet

LG have yet to announce a solid release date for the G4’s Marshmallow update, but it can’t be very far away. With Android continuing to eat into Apple’s market-share, the release of yet another major OS upgrade is sure to help that; however Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6S+ are some tough competition, making it anyone’s guess who will continue to rise, and which will fall.

960-google-inc-to-revolutionize-android-m-smartphones-with-now-on-tapThe major features in Android 6.0 include the new “Now on tap“, which allows you to ask Google questions regarding information on your screen. Such as reading an article about Tom Cruise, and asking “How old is he?”, Android 6.0 will be able to figure out who “he” is, and answer correctly. Marshmallow also brings a number of security and privacy features, including allowing specific apps permissions for specific actions only (not bulk acceptance to all permissions), as well as the always welcome battery improvements.

We’re sure to keep you updated on when LG begin pushing out Marshmallow for the G4 as well as their other devices.


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