standard 6 second Vines too long for you? Enter Boomerang, Instagram’s 1 second videos.

boomeranginstagramlogo.pngIf you found Twitter’s 6 second Vines too long and drawn out for you taste, Instagram might have the solution for you with its new 1 second videos. The new 1 second videos can be captured through a stand-alone app called Boomerang, however the videos are still shared into the same photo/video feed of Instagram, meaning it doesn’t have a stand-alone social platform, so at the very least there’s one less account to worry about.

The 1 second videos are a mix between actual GIFs and a video, they’re captured by taking a burst of photos then stitched together, without sound. The concept of shrinking the time-frame to something as small as 1 second is interesting, as Twitter and Instagram (originally) proved limiting a users option makes them more creative; when users are restricted to a certain number of characters or a square crop or only 6 seconds, they’re sure to make the best of them.

Currently Boomerang is only available for iOS devices, you can grab it from the Apple store over here.


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