standard Cortana now connects to your Xbox Live account (plus Office 360, Uber and LinkedIn)

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In the latest silent update for Cortana, she now has the ability to connect to a number of accounts, including your Xbox Live account. Once you sign into the Xbox live account (Cortana > Notebook > Connected Accounts ), you’ll start seeing Xbox related topics in your Cortana feed, currently it only shows a countdown for the Halo 5 release, but it promises to also:

  • Stay up to date
  • Get insights about your gaming activity
  • Provide you with relevant content, updates opportunities and offers
  • Notifying you of your friends availability to play
  • Scheduling game sessions per your request

Cortana can also connect to your LinkedIn account, Office 360, and even Uber for those of you on the insider preview. With Cortana promising to land on our Xbox One devices soon, it’s no surprise to see the integration, and it just brings us one step closer to a unified world were Cortana controls everything for us (possibly even the coffee pot?).

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