standard New Xbox One experience with Cortana, Xbox 360 compatibility and more coming November 12th

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Microsoft have just announced that the new Xbox One experience will be available to download on your consoles starting November 12th (that is for those of you who aren’t art of the beta program of course. The new software brings the much awaited unification of the Xbox one OS to the Windows ecosystem, paving the way for truly universal apps; as well as getting Cortana support on your Xbox.

From the video seen below Cortana will be able to do all sorts of things while playing a game (via voice commands), such as seeing if a certain friend is online, or giving you updates about your progress through a game, be it achievement unlocking or the next available quest to take on.

Another major feature of the new update is the backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games, allowing select titles to be played on the Xbox One, currently there are well over a hundred Xbox 360 games available to ply, with many more expected to be added soon. Beyond these features the new experience also includes a revamped gamer hub streamlining everything from friend quests to messaging, as well as a new revamped store.



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