standard Snapchat updated with new Slow-mo and fast forward video filters, as well as HD Videos for Android


In the latest Snapchat update (pushed out yesterday), the development team added two more video filters (three if you’re on iOS), as well as a number of improvements to the app. The new video filters include a Slow-mo and fast forward filter as well as a rewind/reverse filter, which is only available for iOS devices for some reason. The new filters are pretty fun to play with, especially when you record yourself eating in reverse.

The update also finally brings HD video recording to the Android client, meaning it’s the end for all those horribly pixelated videos you’ve been filming on your Android device. The iOS version of the app also comes with 3D touch support for the iPhone 6S and 6s+, giving you quick shortcuts to add friends and chat with old ones.

Snapchat Press and Hold

Via: Techcrunch


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