standard Rose-gold iPhone 6S unboxing and quick impressions


Don’t panic! This iPhone 6S isn’t mine; especially considering the color; it’s actually my wife’s, but the nice thing about marriage is that I get to steal her new phone to play with and make a post about. Without going into too much detail, my wife has been a long time iPhone user, and naturally like all other iPhone users it’s a lot easier to upgrade than to change ecosystems, and although I honestly don’t believe the iPhone 6S offers much in terms of an “upgrade” (vs. the iPhone 6) it’s still worth taking a look at.

DSC08231First off starting with the color, yes it’s pink; or as Apple would like to call it rose-gold, and to be perfectly honest that’s not just a marketing name; the pink rose-gold iPhone 6S does indeed have a goldish/bronze tint to it when viewed under lights at a certain angle (in fact I had to increase the fill-light in these photos to make the pink pop out more).  At a quick glance you wouldn’t be mistaken for dismissing the rose-gold iPhone 6S with the gold of previous versions, but the subtlety of the color is appreciated; the best compliment to give the paint-job would be to declare that it is not gaudy. DSC08233For some reason instead of actually printing out the full model name on the back of the phone, Apple have sufficed with a lonely “S”, keeping things as plain as possible. In fact they’ve also removed the storage capacity off the back of the device (this one happens to be the 64 GB version).  DSC08235When it comes to the tiny details, as usual we can rely on Apple to give them the utmost attention, including of course the raised camera ring on the back, which has a matching bronzish/pink paint job.

*Random thought: the white lines on the pink back have me craving a strawberry milkshake.

DSC08244Overall the iPhone 6S, be it in rose-gold, or white, or black is another “fitting” addition to the iPhone line-up, and I’m sure my wife will love it; as for me I’ll be waiting for my Lumia 950 XL.  DSC08236 DSC08238 DSC08239 DSC08240 DSC08241 DSC08245

  • daniel c.

    same story here. My wife rose gold, me waiting 950xl . Not much performant application but the rest compensates very well. Real torrent client usb otg performant camera phone big updatable memory battery…

    • Waiting to try out to see if it’ll be worth the praise (personally I’ll probably never use continuum). Also I think the rose gold iPhone is really nice for women, its feminine but not overly female barbie obsessed girl color.

  • Damien Van Coke

    I’ve been using an iPhone 6S+ since launch, I’ve been relatively happy with it (I also use a 640XL as a secondary phone), although I am seriously considering getting a white 950XL. It has been a while since I have had a decent flagship WP.

    • tbh not extremely excited for the 950xl, sure it’ll be nice to try and use but I’m not losing any sleep waiting for it. On the other than do you use the force touch on the 6s at all?

      • Damien Van Coke

        All the time, mainly for switching apps – if you force press on the left side of the display it brings up the app switcher. Very useful. Also very useful for triaging my emails.