standard No contract Lumia 530 selling for an insane $10


We all know Nokia and Microsoft were really testing the limits of how cheap a smartphone could sell for. The Lumia 5XX series is the most affordable of their phones, usually launching well under the $100 mark. The most interesting part about this range of Windows Phones (besides the price) is the fact that you can actually use them properly, thanks to Windows Phone being such a resource friendly OS that doesn’t demand loads of RAM.

Now bringing those attractive price-points to an insane low, USMobile is selling the Lumia 530 off contract for $9.99; which is less than the price of a coffee in some places. The 4 inch screened device comes with a 5 MP camera, Window Phone 8.1 (hopefully upgradable to Windows Mobile 10) and 4G connectivity.

You can sign-up to grab one for yourself from the link below, because if nothing else, this is a great stocking suffer come December:

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