standard LG Nexus 5X Review: overwhelmingly moderate

Nexus 5X

The Nexus 5X is moderately impressive device, it has a moderately impressive camera, a pretty good screen and slightly disappointing battery life. Overall the best way to describe the Nexus 5X is that it’s good at almost everything, but nothing about it is incredibly impressive.

In terms of design the Nexus 5X has a (you guessed it) moderate design, with nothing radical about it. It’s certainly a safe look that no-one can hate, but it won’t draw any looks while walking down the street. The white on black colors make a nice contrast, and the overall weight and size thanks to the small 5.2″ screen are certainly to draw favor with fans of smaller sized devices. DSC08327

The rear facing 12.3 MP camera, as with most LG cameras is pretty impressive; taking some pretty good shots, especially when it comes to night time imaging; where the noise is minimal (if non-existent) and the blacks are true and deep. The video quality films in an impressive 4k which looks and sounds crisp in most scenarios, the major downfall of the Nexus 5X’s camera is mostly due to the bare-bones Google camera app which offers almost no scene customization or manual adjustments.

Check out a few full resolution samples below:

IMG_20151218_200849 IMG_20151218_121839 IMG_20151214_181755 - Copy IMG_20151220_144941

$RE69GJ6The front facing 5 MP camera is where the mediocrity of the Nexus 5X beings to show, the camera always casts a gloomy look on photos and videos, making it look overcast and dark; even under direct sunlight. The selfies will falter in anything less than perfect sunlight, but to be fair the videos still look crisp and capture some excellent audio at a max of 1080p.

Moving onto the software side of the Nexus 5X is where the disappointment intensifies and the mediocrity continues. Given that the 5X is after all a Nexus device, one would expect the software side of the device to shine. True the 5X does get access to the latest Android version, but it fails to capitalize on the somewhat exclusive software access with some very poor performance in some apps, specifically Snapchat and the default camera app. Often the phone would bog-down and become borderline unusable for a few minutes when loading either of these apps, completely ruining the moment (and missing the shot). In fact to be honest it got so bad that at one point I just switched back to the G4 as my main phone because I couldn’t take it any longer.

Overall true that the Nexus 5X is a secondary flagship, comparable to the Lumia 830 alongside the Lumia 930, but the disappointment hurts because it always feel *that* close to being perfect in every aspect, but instead almost always falls short.