standard Microsoft promises to bypass carrier certification and deliver monthly updates directly to your Lumia 950


A big story in the Windows Phone saga has been carriers notoriously blocking device upgrades as they “wait for certification”, leaving users with an outdated phone. Now Microsoft plan on preventing this with the newly launched Lumia 950 by promising upgrades to be directly delivered to devices without waiting for carrier certification. updates

What this means is that essentially Microsoft has a direct line to user devices, without having to wait for At&t to green-light updates, something that’s going to be essential these next couple of months seeing how Windows 10 Mobile still has a lot to improve before being truly stable. According to the At&t representative (seen above), Microsoft will be delivering monthly upgrades to the Lumia 950 through something called “Windows as a Service”, to be delivered through OTA updates.

It’s nice to see Microsoft are ensuring users stay upgraded, but they still need to work on delivering new (more stable) builds as well.


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