standard Video& Gallery: LG V10 unboxing & first impressions

DSC08403Yesterday after  weeks of anxious waiting, we finally got our hands on the LG V10, and we’ve got our unboxing to share with you, but first some background.

The V10 is LG’s first phone in the “V” line-up; which are set to be the new best of the best phones, packing in their new experimental features and technology, and trying out things that some might call gimmicks to see what really sticks with the public. If the V line-up existed before, then the G Flex and Flex 2 would most likely have been a part of it.

The V10 stands out amongst the crowd thanks to its secondary smaller ticker screen, above the main 5.7″ screen. The second screen doubles as a notification bar, a shortcut for apps, recent contacts, and even a “signature”. Check out our unbox video below, then see the full photo gallery after that.

In terms of first impressions, the V10 makes a solid statement with an impressive build quality (albeit slightly heavy at 192g), the phone will likely feel too large for those of you with smaller hands, but it doesn’t bother me. The silicone back also adds to the durable build feel, making it feel like a military grade device, especially in our sleek black version.

Accompanying the phone in the box, are a pair of the impressive Quad-Beat 3 headphones, which I’ve been using as my daily headphones ever since I got the LG G4. Also in the box is your standard travel adapter, with an output of 1.8A and a standard USB to Micro USB cable.

[cincopa AoHAMKdgYP1d]

Be sure to stay tuned for further coverage of the V10, and if there’s anything in particular you want to see, let us know down below.

  • Benzie

    After holding on for my Lumia 920 for over three years and waiting for new WP updates/phones, I’ve concluded that the apps will simply not come. I like the WP UI and UX for most parts, but that doesn’t help when I would like to at least try Snapchat, a thermal camera (Seek thermal or similar) etc. Microsoft has been promising “the apps will come” for so long, it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

    I will not go to IOS, but Android looks more interesting. And especially this LG V10, as it’s going to be available in Europe as well. Nice features, with a sturdy housing makes even more interesting. It looks to be roughly the same weight as L920, so it would only feel natural for me ;). Ali, in case you can squeeze in any info or tips for an Android newbie coming from WP (and Symbian before that) to your review, that would be greatly appreciated!

    • Valid points, I’ve given up on Windows Phone ever being a true app competitor, and that’s really the first thing you realize on Android. I spent the first week trying to find the best 3rd party apps for Twitter, Instagram etc. until I realized the 1st party apps are truly the best option.

      The nice thing about Android is you can truly make it as simple or as complex as you want (most of the time), I just want something to work, so I don’t mess around with launchers and rooting; I just use it as is and it mostly works.

      • Benzie

        Thanks Ali and HNY!