standard LG V10 Review: If Batman had a phone…


This would be it, a phone to match his slick black outfit, packed with latest and greatest gadgets and latest technology; a phone that can take a beating and come out on top (but unlike Batman, this is the phone we want, not the phone we deserve). This is our LG V10 review:

All around the V10 is one of the greatest phones I’ve had the pleasure of using, beyond the design (which I honestly can’t get enough of); the V10 is truly a fun device to use. Even after the “honeymoon period” of having a new device wore off (after the first week or so), I was still seriously strained to find something I didn’t like about it.

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As far as Android devices go, the V10 has created the best Android experience in my personal opinion, even more-so than the Nexus 5X which comes with stock Android. It must be mentioned however that unfortunately the V10 does not yet have Android Marshmallow 6.0, which isn’t a *huge* blow really, it still leaves something to be desired. Other than that the 4 GBs of ram and snapdragon 808 paired with a hexa-core processor creates a smooth-sailing experience all around, with no noticeable lag or delay anywhere in the OS, with no over-heating issues either.

Besides the design and Android experience the V10 continues to impress when it comes to the cameras, the main 16 MP f/1.8 lens will be familiar if you’ve used the LG G4, given that it’s the same lens. The auto-HDR settings in the V10 also add a special charm to the photos, balancing out the light exposure and shadows for some truly impressive shots. (full resolution samples below)

20151230_155152_HDR20160102_165132On the front the V10 packs a pair of front facing cameras, both of them 5 MP shooters; however one of them is a wide-angled lens, while the second is a standard narrow angled shooter. In my usage I found the narrow angled lens mostly useless, as the wide-angled one usually gets a much nicer shot, and a clear view of the setting. Thankfully 3rd party apps such as Snapchat and Facebook messenger use the wide-angled lens as the default shooter (with no option to switch to the narrow one), so no matter if you’re using the default camera app or anything else you’ll still get a nice view. 20160102_163616_HDR

All in all, as the tone of this review would suggest, I love the V10; it stole the spotlight from anything else on my desk right now, including the Lumia 950 XL.


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