standard Whatsapp is now free for everyone, forever.


Whatsapp is easily one of the most popular messaging clients, dating back several years; available on practically every single platform (and now on the web). However although using the service was initially free, it actually costs $1 for every additional year of service; I personally have never had to pay even though I’ve been using it for well over 6 years, that might be because I change phones so often though.

The good new is, Whatsapp is completely removing their yearly subscription fees (as minuscule as it is, many people don’t have access to a credit card/payment method), and all future subscriptions will be completely free.

WhatsApp apparently has no plans to introduce ads to recoup its lost dollar payments. Instead, it plans to find new ways to connect its users with businesses and organizations, which it’ll be able to make money from. So, you could use the app to speak to your bank, order a taxi, or find out about a flight delay, say.

Part of the reason the fees have been removed is because apparently they don’t even make much money off it, the subscription fees have been dropped and service is completely free starting today.