standard The unfortunate Lumia 950 XL review


The time has come to finally share our thoughts on the Lumia 950 XL, unfortunately not many of the words we have to say about it are very nice. The Lumia 950XL is rife with disappointments, mostly due to an unfinished Window 10 Mobile which randomly decides to lag and stutter under some of the simplest tasks (such as adding an email account, or connecting to WiFi).

Overall the Lumia 950 XL is an exercise in futility, the OS lags and stutters in most places, not to mention the general lack of apps that will probably ever be filled at this point; meaning unfortunately the Lumia 950 XL is a very hard phone to recommend, to anyone, ever.

  • Damien Van Coke

    Remember when Satya Nadella said that the new Lumia flagships would be “for the fans”? I picked up a L950 at launch and it makes me sad to say that I agree with you about the state of affairs with W10M. Microsoft had a chance to redefine themselves in mobile and they blew it. Will Lumia end up like Kin and Zune? I’m giving Panos and his team 12 months to figure this out.

    • Honeslty, it’s over. The fact that Microsoft released the Lumia 550 without W10m just proves they know how much its missing, and that it’s definitely not stable. Yet that didn’t stop them from tricking customers intk buying the 950/950xl, knowing full well that it isn’t ready.

      Even if W10m is ever ready, it blew its chance.

      • Vasilis

        My 950 XL is more stable than my 1020 ever was on 8.1. Did you “review” a different phone?

        • My problem isn’t with instability (crashes), but more with unreliability, settins menu hanging, the horrible store expeince, random WiFi disconnects and the camera issues as seen in the video.

          • Vasilis

            I have none of those. No hangs, no crashes, no lag, no disconnections and the camera is even better than the 1020. I have thoroughly tested the latter, and I am still impressed, as I was expecting it to be a bit worse. As for the Store, it’s much better than the one in 8.1.

            By the way, in the video I have only seen you talking. That’s not how reviews are done.