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Screenshot at 14-58-17With MWC rapidly approaching, here’s everything we know so far about LG’s upcoming flagship, the G5.

The Name: LG G5 (confirmed).

One thing is for sure, the follow-up to last year’s G4 will indeed be called the G5, although it is set to deviate from the standard design that we’ve come to expect from the “G” line of devices. LG have pretty much confirmed the name by counting down to “LG G5 Day” on twitter, and their websites; which brings us to the second point:

Launch Date: Feb 21st (confirmed)

Once again, also confirmed by the Twitter countdowns and image seen above, the LG G5 is set to be announced at MWC on February 21st. Unfortunately the actual release date remains unconfirmed, but look for it in stores starting as soon as early March.

Display: Always on secondary screen (Confirmed)LG-G5-Always-On-display-840x473

Following up the innovation in the V10, LG are also committing to a second display on the G5, however it appears to be in a different way; as LG tweeted out the GIF below showing an always on display, giving quick access to the time, notifications and other important details. It’s widely speculated that LG are achieving this always on display by having a second full size screen running beneath the primary display, which is most likely to be a QHD 5.5″ screen.

The full details of this secondary display aren’t exactly clear yet, especially in regards to how it will affect the power consumption of the phone; but I’m sure the folks at LG have already thought of that.

Accessories: Metallic Quick Cover Case (Confirmed)g5-case-post

Although we officially have no clue what the actual LG G5 will look like, LG have already announced an official accessory, following in the line of quick circle covers, except this time without the circle. LG announced the new quick cover case citing it as “a unique film with a glossy metallic finish”, allowing users to answer calls, dismiss alarms and view notifications without opening the case, users can interact with the display through the seemingly thin material of the front case (as seen below)

Cameras: Dual Camera setup 16MP (Unconfirmed):


Moving on to the less concrete stuff, the camera in the LG G5 is rumored to have interesting dual-camera setup on the back, using a 16 MP sensor, accompanied by two different lenses, a wide-angle and a narrow angle lenses (similar to the front facing cameras on the LG V10). The front facing camera is also rumored to be 8 MPs, similar to that of the G4.

Design: Metal Unibody with rear power button (semi-confirmed)

Multiple reports peg the LG G5 as an upgrade in terms of build quality and design, compared its predecessors; whereas the LG G4 relied on a genuine leather back to stick out, rumor has it the G5 will come with a full metal unibody build, and possibly only the power button + finger print scanner on the back, moving the volume rockers to the side of the phone. The issue with a uni-body device is of course the lack of a replaceable battery, which LG have been strong endorsers of, so the truth of that statement remains to be seen. We can however expect a more solid, metal build in the phone.

Specs: Snapdragon 820 processor, 3 GBs RAM, Micro-SD storage, 2,800-mAh battery (unconfirmed)

Most reports have the LG G5 being powered by Qualcomm’s latest chip, the Snapdragon 820 processor; paired with 3 GBs of ram and 32 GBs of internal storage, expandable via Micro-SD card. Rumors also claim the LG G5 will come with a 2,800 mAh battery, which could be cause for concern, especially when it’s powering two screens, one of which will be on all the time.  Adding to the rumor that the battery might not be user replaceable, poor battery life could truly be a problem for LG’s upcoming flagship.

Other: USB Type-C, Finger Print Scanner, Laser Autofocus & MoreDSC08419

In terms of additional features the G5 is set to go all out with future-proof USB Type C connectors (accompanied with quick charge), and IR blaster, a finger print scanner on the back of the phone, like the V10 and Nexus 5X. Along with the laser auto-focus LG have been implementing in their phones since the G3, possibly paired with the color spectrum sensor which debuted in the G4; which make for a killer camera combo.

With slightly over a week left till we get the official word, the LG G5 is certainly shaping up to be a great flagship device, anyone else hyped?

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