standard Microsoft announces another (mediocre ) Windows 10 Mobile: The Lumia 650 – $199


Earlier today Microsoft announced a new member to the Windows 10 Mobile Lumia family, the Lumia 650. It’s no secret Lumia phones have stagnated, and if Microsoft thinks the Lumia 650 will change that, then they’re most likely mistaken.

The Lumia 650 has some very mediocre specs, including a 2000 mAh battery, an 8 MP camera that can only film in 720p and a front facing 5 MP camera. Inside the Lumia 650 is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 212, paired with 1 GB of RAM, and 16 GBs of internal storage, expandable via Micro SD card (up to 200 GBs).lumia-650_0

The snapdragon 212 processor also means the phone isn’t powerful enough to take control of Microsoft’s continuum feature, which sort of defeats Microsoft’s “Built for business” claim

If for some reason you want to grab the Lumia 650 rather than any other mid-range Android phone, it will still set you back a relatively pricey $199; no thanks I’ll pass.

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  • k dleslie

    It’s not made for you, so I’m sure Microsoft couldn’t care if you pass.

    • It’s not about me passing, it’s about the phone hardly offering anything worthy of any price-tag let alone $199. There are cheaper better phones out there. In fact it’s a much better deal to buy a Lumia 730, 830 or even a 1520 right now then to buy one of these.

  • Sam

    10 different models and all are questionable, make 1 or 2 models and get it right, it’s no surprise people don’t buy these phones, it just confuses the hell out of the customer what they are getting for their money, worse yet in Canada, non of the low cost carriers sell Windows phones, probably because there isn’t a WP that supports the frequency they use.

  • Jitters

    Does continue the trend of under-specced/over-priced. They really need to take a look at what’s being offered for the money in the Android world, and start offering better value for money.

    Not that they care about anything to do with their mobile offerings these days.

    • Exactly, so many comparable/better Android phones out there for much cheaper too. Not to mention the questionable performance of Windows 10 Mobile on a Snapdragon 212 chip.