standard Farewell MixRadio, Line messaging shuts down music streaming service

Mix Radio

Some very sad news today, as Line Messaging announced they will be shutting down the MixRadio streaming service due to “the financial challenges posed by the music streaming market.”. Line purchased the music streaming service from Microsoft in late 2014, and since then released the app to both iOS and Android; but unfortunately the “overall performance” of the service wasn’t enough to turn a profit.

•Reasons for Termination of MixRadio Operations

LINE agreed to acquire the business and assets making up the music service known as MixRadio from Microsoft Mobile OY in December 2014. The newly established company continued to provide a radio-style music streaming service intended to provide a broader user experience. Nevertheless, after a careful assessment of the subsidiary’s overall performance, the financial challenges posed by the music streaming market, and priorities of LINE Corporation, LINE has determined that future growth would be difficult to ensure and decided to discontinue the MixRadio music streaming service.

LINE will continue to provide a unique user experience that blends music and communication via its LINE MUSIC service, which is currently available in Japan and Thailand.

LINE and the MixRadio team would like to thank the users of MixRadio for all of their support of the service.

MixRadio has truly been one of the few apps that I use daily, regardless if I’m at home, work or even on my honeymoon; the service was simple, clean and usually knew what I was in the mood for. Not to mention the fact that the service was one of the real Nokia products launched way back under the Ovi line, when it came with free unlimited music. After Ovi and Symbian were ditched, the service was reborn as Nokia Music; starting on Windows Phone and spreading to the Asha Lineup and even some S30 devices. Over the course of time, the app was re-branded once again to Nokia MixRadio, and then finally to MixRadio. Once Microsoft acquired the Nokia services they sold off the streaming service to Line, where it has come to an unfortunate end.

Lucky folks in Japan and Thailand will still be able to make use of the service after it ends, as Line Music streaming service will remain active in those regions.DSC05947

Farewell MixRadio, and thank you for your years of service; and a shout-out to the greatest development team out there, the MixRadio team who were always ready to accept feedback and actively improve the user experience. You will be missed


  • Ruben Teixeira

    Now thats just shitty it was the best music player for windows. Whats left if anything at all windows is loosing style

  • Indeed, a very sad news.. God Bless all who were behind making it one of the best Apps ever