standard Windows Phone falls to only 1.1% of global market

DSC01526As if things weren’t bad enough for Microsoft’s Windows Phone/Mobile OS; the latest Gartner have the OS dropping to only 1.1% of the global market-share. According to the latest numbers Windows Phone only sold 4.4 Million devices in 2015 down from the 10.5 million sales it recorded in 2014.

The delayed launch of a true flagship phone, as well limited available units once it was actually released, paired with the luke-warm reception the market already held for Windows Phone devices all explain why it couldn’t even hold on to the 2.8% global market-share it held in 2014. If Microsoft have a plan to fix this, now would be the time to share it with us.

Also it looks like the “10% global share by 2017” might not happen…

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  • Socorro Morin

    They can’t expect people to be buying new phones every year! I have had my Lumia 1020 with the best camera yet for almost 3 years and I love it. It’s corporate greed, they want more and more money. They are never satisfied.

  • Steve Crow

    Bought the Lumia 950 the day it came out. I would trade ,straight up, for another 920. I think Lemon Laws should apply to phones. Loss of network signal, repeatedly receiving months old texts, blue tooth issues all over. I have always been a Microsoft fan but the 950 is hard to defend. I hope these issues are resolved soon.

  • Dan Foster

    I’m hanging on to my 1020 and yellow 920 but enjoy my BlackBerry Leap. Maybe someday Jolla will bring devices to America but I don’t think they will make it either. As long as my other phones work, I’m good to go. No upgrades needed and money is better spent at the dentist office.

  • Indisposed

    As expected.