standard Amazon starts selling Comcast Cable & Internet subscriptions, powered by Amazon support

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Hate it or hate it, Comcast is often one of the only viable choices for a cable connection in your home, unless you’re blessed to have Google Fiber in your city. The worst part about Comcast has always been the poor customer service, with thousands of forum pages dedicated to how horrible they are, on the other hand Amazon has always been #1 in customer satisfaction. Always providing an agreeable outcome to their customers, not to mention their easygoing flexible return policies and other benefits.

All that being said, it seems that Amazon‘s best feature might replace Comcast’s worst; as the online shopping giant has now started selling Comcast Cable, Phone and Internet subscriptions online. What this means is that you pay for your purchase and check-out through Amazon, and have access to dedicated Amazon tech support for your cable setup, effectively cutting out any interactions with Comcast. Screenshot at 12-11-22

Besides the stellar customer service, buying through Amazon also promises to reward purchases with Amazon Gift Cards, better fees, and the ability to outright buy your modem rather than renting it for an absurd $10-$20/month. Whether the actual internet and cable service will be any better is still unclear, but I for one would rather entrust Amazon with making me happy, than Comcast.


You can view Amazon’s selection of Phone, Internet and Cable offers below:

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