standard Instagram begins moving away from chronological timelines, confusion and anger ensue

Popular photo sharing service Instagram just released a new update that has annoyed many of their users (yours truly included). The latest version of the app changes the order of photos seen in the timeline to an “algorithmic” view, meaning similar to Facebook’s already horrid decision, posts are no longer sorted by “post-date” but instead appear in a semi-random order.

Of course these changes are in the interest of advertisers and larger Instagram accounts, which generally get a lot of attention and traffic (be it likes or comments), however it also means you’re more likely to miss that selfie or random picture posted by a close friend.

I’ve noticed the difference, have you? Please head to my profile and hit options menu to select turn on notifications #instagram

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Instagram have however added an option to get alerted when an account posts a new photo, you can do so by selecting “turn on post notifications” when visiting the profile page of the user (as seen in the always beautiful Hazel’s post above). Instagram’s “solution” remains an in-elegant work around to a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place, will no-one respect the sanctity of the timeline?

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