• LoveNokia

    for me Windows Phone died the day Microsoft purchased Nokia Devices and Services division. I hope Nokia returns soon.

    • Arthur

      Yeah, as much as I like Windows Phone (not W10M but WP8/8.1) I have been an Android user since the first Android phone release but do use multiple platforms (S40/Meego/Android/WP/webOS).

      I can’t wait till the second half of this year though to hear more about NOKIA’s future plans after the Microsoft agreement currently in place to not build any phones using the NOKIA name till end of this year is lifted.

      I have the N1 Android Tablet and it’s a gorgeous device even though it shares many similarities with the iPad Mini, it still stands on its own design wise. That device was designed by Nokia Technologies, their new Silicon Valley office and built and licensed by Foxconn. Since most of their Finland and Chinese factories were sold to Microsoft as part of the NOKIA sale, future phones will more than likely be built the same way as the N1 tablet which is fine with me. Can’t wait to hear some news later this year.

    • Steve Crow

      I agree 100%. Loved my 920, I feel like a fool waiting and buying my 950. This phone is a joke. All sorts of bugs.

    • Joe_HTH

      Nokia isn’t going to do squat. They couldn’t do squat with Windows Phone and a billion dollars a year from Microsoft. Most of you Nokia fans hate Microsoft and aren’t interested in anything other than Nokia, so why do you care what Microsoft does or doesn’t do?

  • Benzie

    “Before I was always waiting for the next big thing from Microsoft to seduce me back to the platform, now I can barely be bothered to watch the Build conference”

    Couldn’t agree more with this. Actually even haven’t watched the Build conference at least yet. At least they are semi realistic about their mobile O/S this time, no more “the apps will come” talk. For the last couple of months I have been using exclusively Android on my phone for the first time in my life. Loving just about everything, no more missing apps (that I know of yet at least) and everything just works. Not missing my Lumia 920 at all. I was waiting for the next Lumia flagship over a year, and at the end the 950 just didn’t seem so good, it was a bit meh. Now, LG V10 FTW :)

    Still happily using Windows 10 on my desktop and happy with it. But for mobile, let’s see what’s happening with Windows Mobile in 2017-2018, if it still exists…

    • I can barely motivate myself to post about it, I will most likely be picking up the S7 Edge soon, and for once I won’t even consider a Lumia device.

      • moe.

        You better off with the G5

        • It was strongly considered, but I don’t like the look of it, plus the S7edges battery and curves sealed it for me.

          • moe.

            You need to check it in person, those curves will drove you away sooner

      • misterstu

        That first bit of your comment hits the nail on the head. Microsoft are a company who rarely motivates, excites or inspires. They have been/ are continually behind the innovators with poor quality senior management. They have market presence due to it’s sheer size and that legacy from the past, along with a good idea now and again.

        Old habits die hard. So many missed opportunities with Lumia. In 2014 (when they could have ensured W10Mobile was out and working by Summer 2015) the priority was to sack thousands of people. Over 2.5 years since they agreed to buy Nokia, could the Windows mobile space be any worse than the position they have put it in?!

        I am committed to fixing a sink in my house which has a bit of a leak. But its been there 2 years and I’ve done sod all to actually do anything about it. That’s commitment, Microsoft style.

        • Razor

          Ha! What the hell are you writing about? What do you mean microsoft don’t innovate. You need to tell me the recent hololens isn’t innovative enough aside from windows 10 which was also well received os. If there is anything lacking innovation is apple. Ever since Steve Jobs died they are hardly doing anything aside from making new iphones and ipads. But even their ipads sales are declining thanks to microsofts efforts of 2-in 1 hybrid tablet devices. It was microsoft who at least try to think about future and brought touch to laptops and such with the start of windows 8. Where apple and the other laugh at surface device and called to be failure. Now surface devices are making microsoft billion dollars and it’s a huge success. And as for mobile let’s be realistic here microsoft was far too late on the mobile market where android and ios and have matured already and took the huge chunk of mobile market share. No amount of money and power would have help windows mobile. Microsoft have seen the bigger picture and really they tried their best to be honest. If the consumer and market don’t want windows mobile what do you want them to do?

          • misterstu

            I almost took that seriously until I noted it was April 1st! Hololens – ‘coming soon’ (c) Microsoft and ‘Lots and lots of pomp and circumstance only highlights that HoloLens is far from ready for consumers’ – the next web.

            But you are right; Windows 10 is innovation, Microsoft style. Make loads of mistakes in 8 and backtrack to sort them out with 10. With Windows phone and Windows mobile. Mistake after mistake. They left the door wide open and said come in android and ios, take what you want, we’re just say on the beach scratching our backsides & Joe going woo at live tiles. And using their Surface RT.

            Microsoft makes lots of money yes. Some folks highlight this as a mark of success. They makes a lot of noise but delivers relatively little. Has a few fanboys who shout a lot (generally in the US). Old school company dislike hugely by many around the world. Sounds like Microsoft (or Donald Trump) – take your pic!

          • Joe_HTH

            You’re an ignorant swine. Microsoft is not hated by many around the world dumbass, and they innovate a hell of a lot more than Apple and Google do. Google has killed more failed products and services than anyone over the last 10 years. Their self-driving car along with Apple’s has done absolutely nothing for them except lose them tons of money. Chromebooks are largely a failure despite their claims to the contrary. Apple simply rehashes the iPad and iPhone every year and the iPad has declined for 9 straight quarters and the iPhone just declined. Their watch was a me too product if there ever was one.
            Meanwhile Microsoft created Windows 10, Hololens, and Surface which continues to grow. They’ve created tons of innovative software. You need to get a clue.

          • misterstu

            Impressive and intelligent reply (even being a month late adds a Microsoft authenticity to it all). One could even say an innovative reply too. Exactly the kind level of intelligence for a Microsoft evangelist. Swine, dumbass, again bravo.

            But alas I think you need to get a clue. I am Lionel Blair, Una Stubbs and Liza Goddard all rolled into one. Whereas with that level of reply, you must be Humphrey Lyttelon. I’m sorry but you havent got a clue.

          • PNHD

            Don’t bother with him. He is like a lap dog always barking when someone has a negative opinion about MS

        • Marc_Aurel

          The layoffs in 1914 were mostly from former Nokia feature phone and related software development units (Series 40 & Asha), most of which were shut down completely. Some were laid off from the Lumia unit in Finland as well, but since most of the software development already took place in Redmond, I don’t think development of W10M was slowed down significantly by them.

          The sad fact is that Microsoft was always slow in developing Windows Phone. It took them a year to make the very raw and feature-poor WP 7.0 to something actually usable with the WP 7.5, then it took another year to release the 8.0 (despite development starting way back in early 2011) and a whopping 1.5 years to release the WP 8.1 upgrade. Microsoft was actually slower in releasing meaningful upgrades to WP than Nokia was with Symbian Anna/Belle, which I find deeply ironic.

    • Joe_HTH

      Build was fantastic for everything outside of Windows Phone.

  • Yup I couldn’t agree with you more Ali! After waiting a year after I bought both the 925 and 930 for the next big thing from MS, that never came, I moved to a Galaxy S6 and then an LG G4 and to be honest I couldn’t be happier. No more missing out on Aussie Banking apps or Snapchat and I’ll probably be joining you with the S7 Edge. What astounds me is that they keep invoking this “mobile first, cloud first” mantra and totally ignore the mobile part! How they don’t see that 90% of the stuff we do digitally is on a phone, is beyond me. I can see people even moving away from Xbox to get a more integrated experience with Playstation and Android, something MS can only dream about. MS have everything back to front and upside down when it comes to their thinking as far as mobile is concerned. If I was MS I would be fighting tooth and nail to get traction in the mobile space because that’s where it’s at! I feel sorry for the die hard fans that have now been let down for n’th time!

  • rustyknight17

    Have to agree , MSs stupidity beggars the imagination! Guess I’ll research what my next device will be…

    • Joe_HTH

      How is stupid to not waste billions of dollars on a mobile OS that has essentially failed? Microsoft is right to retrench. Windows Phone at best garnered 3% of the worldwide market share and Microsoft was losing a lot of money on it. It makes no sense to keep trudging alone losing billions. Microsoft smartly realized that they aren’t going to be a big player in smart phones and they rightfully pulled back.

      • rustyknight17

        No sir .Ms’s failure is their own doing . Nokia had the WP platform actually going somewhere.MS managed to f!#$ it up through several arrogant mistakes: the WM> WP fiasco ( WM 6.5 flew on the HD2 and that was down entirely to the community ) , the WP 7 disaster ( no upgrade to WP 8 ) , WP8 taking so long to get to market, no flagship product for over a year, and WP 10 being so half baked. If you want to survive, let alone succeed in today’s fiercely competitive mobile market, you have to bring your A game and MS didn’t do that. I’ll be watching to see what happens to the ex Nokia feature phones and the upcoming Nokia Android devices!

  • Marc_Aurel

    “broken promises of Windows 10 Mobile available to all”

    To be fair, Microsoft never promised that ALL WP 8.x Lumias would be supported for W10 Mobile. They did say that most Lumias would get the upgrade, but from the beginning it was clear that phones like the 530 with its 4 GB of on-board storage probably could not be updated (at least not OTA).

    • insectskin

      Actually.. They did. Just search Microsoft promisse update WP 8.1 on YouTube and you’ll see.

  • D Harries

    I love to say Wow at the latest smartphone and it’s a disappointment when it doesn’t happen.

    Strategically though, with Windows 10 on desktop, tablet, Xbox, and every other device, when it comes to buying another phone, the learning will feel easy because with Windows 10, you already know it.