standard LG G5 (and Friends) coming to Jordan May 1st #G5PlayDate

indexEarlier today we got a chance to play with the all new LG G5 for a few minutes at the LG offices in Amman. Of course the phone isn’t available for purchase yet, however the LG team were kind enough to share with us that the device will be available for purchase starting May 1st. A quick first impression of the G5 in person is that it’s a very good-looking device, ignore the impressions you might get from the online renders in person the phone is a real beauty.

Look what we have here. @lglevant #G5. Must admit it looks much nicer in person than the renders.

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LG will also be holding a press launch sometime late April to announce the device to the local media, and give us a chance to play around with it extensively. Of course the LG G5 will also launch with the main attraction, the modular “Friends” that allow you to adapt the phone to your personality, by adding an extra battery and camera grip, or a Hi-Fi speaker system, or a selection of other modular attachments.

Although not yet confirmed we hear the pricing for the G5 will be around the 500 JOD mark (give or take), with the possibility of some special offers such as a bundled Friend accessory. We’ll be on hand at LG’s media event to hopefully get more time with the G5 and report back as to what LG have in store. Stay tuned.

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