standard Official LG Quick Cover hints at upcoming “LG G5 SE”

Screen_Shot_2016-04-13_at_8.16.32_AM.0As with most Flagships, it appears LG are preparing to release a companion mid/low range device to accompany the LG G5 and its friends. A recent photo off the original LG G5 quick case shows that it’s also compatible with something called the LG G5 SE. Given that the G5 and the G5 SE share the same quick cover, one would assume they both share a similar design and screen size.

LG have a history of releasing “lighter” versions of their flagships devices, as they’ve done with both the G4 Stylus and the G3 Beat/S. It’s likely that the main difference between the G5 and the G5 SE will be in the screen/camera resolution as well as the battery capacity; however the real question is if the range of LG’s modular add-ons for the G5 will also be compatible with the G5 SE.

Adding another phone to the lineup of modular capable phones would certainly help achieve LG’s goal of having more 3rd party accessory manufactures join in with their own modules for both the G5 and the G5 SE.


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