standard LG G5 Unboxing & First impressions #G5PlayDate

20160418_122432We’ve finally gotten our hands on the much awaited LG G5, LG’s latest addition to their flagship “G” line-up of devices announced at MWC 2016. The G5 does a lot of things differently when compared to previous “G” devices, in terms of design, modular capabilities and even the camera technology; check out the video & gallery below for a quick look at the G5 and all it packs.

The main event in the G5 start with the “friends” accessories, which us what LG are calling their line-up of modular add-ons to the phone, which can be attached to the modular “chin” of the phone. Along with the phone we got our hands on three of the G5’s friends, the VR 360 headset, the 360 Cam and the Cam Plus, all of which we’ll get into later.  20160418_122221 On the exterior the G5 comes in a unibody metal design, that’s actually coated in a plastic paint, which means the phone doesn’t have the cold metallic feel to it, the paint layer also has the additional benefit of hiding the antenna lines that are all so obvious on other metallic phones such as the HTC One lineup or the iPhone. DSC08661 DSC08666 DSC08656 DSC08684 DSC08683 DSC08681 DSC08677 DSC08678

The front of the phone is adorned with LG’s famous IPS LCD displays, this one comes with a 5.3″ QHD screen (PPI of 554), protected by Gorilla Glass 4. Uniquely the G5 also has a second IPS display in the middle of the screen, used as an always on display for the time, notifications and other information you might need at a glance.

DSC08658 DSC08665 DSC08668  DSC08682  DSC08688 DSC08651 DSC08666 DSC08659

On the inside the G5 packs a top of the line Snapdragon 820 processor, along with 4 GBs of RAM and 32 GBs of internal storage (expandable via Micro SD card). LG have also carried on the tradition of the user replaceable battery, which can be accessed through the module door for a quick swap-out. The power button on the phone (located on the back) also houses the fingerprint scanner, which is extremely accurate and impressively fast.  DSC08652 DSC08660 DSC08637 DSC08645

Stay tuned for *much* more coverage on the G5, including a closer look at all the friends accessories and the usual run down of camera comparisons and full review.

Until then leave your thoughts on the G5 and the modular phone approach below.