standard Quick review: LG G5 Cam Plus modular accessory #G5PlayDate


One of the main attractions of the LG G5 is the range of available modular “friends” accessories to help get the best out of your phone. The simplest of which is the Cam Plus modular attachment, which similar to the Lumia 1020’s camera grip brings a larger battery capacity, a physical camera shutter button as well as a quick launch switch for the camera and even a dedicated zoom scroll thingy.
DSC08751 DSC08748 DSC08643 DSC08649  DSC08746 DSC08747

The Cam Plus doesn’t actually add much width or bulk to the phone, and has a pretty slim overall profile. The Cam Plus as the name implies is aimed at photography lovers who want to take advantage of the G5’s camera’s and the manual controls to get the best shot possible. The back of Cam Plus has a grippy rubberized texture to make the phone easier to hold (and avoid any nasty spills), but more important is the plethora of physical buttons to help taking pictures easier. DSC08642The Cam Plus comes with four physical buttons/switched including:

  • Two stage camera shutter
  • dedicated video recording button
  • rolling zoom control
  • quick-camera launch trigger

DSC08750 The Cam Plus comes with an additional 1,200 mAh battery capacity, (in addition to the internal 2,800 mAh battery in the G5), bringing the grand total to 4,000 mAh. More than enough to cover all your rigorous photography and videography needs. DSC08645 Since the Cam Plus (and the rest of the Friends line-up) are physically connected to the phone essentially becoming part of it, the internal battery charges along with the Cam Plus’ battery through the same USB type-C port, which still lets you transfer pictures and videos to your PC should you choose to. (You can also charge the Cam Plus battery on its own without the need to connect it to the phone)DSC08648

Overall the Cam Plus is a neat addition to the G5 if you’re an avid photographer, or even if you just need a slightly larger battery at some times. The physical buttons are great and have a nice bit of travel to them giving a satisfying click every-time you take a picture. More importantly the Cam Plus is a great example to what a true modular accessory should be, and is a perfect friend for the G5.

  • Mapantz

    I’ve ordered the gold LG G5 and the cam plus. It should be here on Tuesday, cannot wait! I have had the G3 and G4, and I adore the cameras on them- took some cracking photos.