standard The Evolution of Mobile Gaming phones have come a long way from the days where they were big bulky bricks with huge buttons for the numbers. In just a matter of years, mobile phones have evolved from chunky, basic phones with just calling and texting features to mini computers with hundreds of different features that at one time would have been viewed as extremely futuristic. Along with phones, the games that we play on them have also evolved significantly. Gone are the days of playing ‘Snake’ on your Nokia – these days, you can play full-length console games from your mobile device.

The First Mobile Games

Back in 1998, video games were introduced to mobile phones for the very first time. Before then, there wasn’t much that you could do on a mobile phone other than call and perhaps text – these days, it’s hard to find even the most basic of phones without at least one mobile game installed on it. Snake, a black and white 2D game exclusive to Nokia phones, was released in 1998 and was one of the first mobile games to hit the market. Hugely popular at the time, many millennials today have fond memories of playing Snake on their first Nokia handset as kids. The game was challenging and addictive, and one of the reasons why Nokia was the most popular mobile phone manufacturer during that time period. Today, you can download a whole range of games onto any smartphone from the operating system’s app store, including console-style games and mobile casino games such as those from mFortune.

Colour Gaming Comes to Mobile

After the release of the first hugely popular mobile phone game Snake, Tetris – an already popular PC game from 1984 – was released to mobile for the first time. By this point, mobile phones had evolved into using colour screens, making Tetris a hugely enjoyable game to play on mobile thanks to the various colours of the differently shaped building blocks. After this, the famous character Sonic the Hedgehog was then given his own mobile phone game. Featuring Sonic running to beat the evil advances of his nemesis Doctor Robotnik trying to take over the world, this game was the first ever action mobile phone game and was amongst the most played by gaming enthusiasts all over the world. Today, there are hundreds of action games available to download onto your mobile handset.

Today’s Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming saw a dip in popularity due to the evolution of popular gaming consoles such as the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii, but today it is coming back with a bang. Research suggests that mobile gaming revenue is on the rise, whereas revenue from console gaming is declining. This is because mobile gaming today is hugely accessible, with a plethora of popular games available to download onto any smartphone. With the majority of games being free to play, it’s no surprise that it’s becoming an increasingly popular option once again.

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