standard How to get a Verizon Samsung S7 Edge for free AND net an extra $270

Screenshot at 14-19-06One of the most difficult parts of moving to a new country is finding the right carrier for you. Personally after much research I settled on Verizon, due to their simple plans (all plans include unlimited talk and text, all you need is to select your data size). As I was shopping for both my wife and I, I settled for the 6 GB shared data plan, which totals to $100 when you factor in two active lines.

Another stumbling step along the way is finding out if your phone will work with your intended network; my own G4 didn’t have the required CDMA bands and would have been completely incompatible with Verizon’s network (both talk and data); my wife’s iPhone 6 on the other hand is fully compatible. This of course leads us to the first step of getting the best deal possible at Verizon.

Save $312 with an eligible trade-in

Screenshot at 14-19-27Currently Verizon have a Mother’s Day promotion where certain devices are eligible for up to $312 worth of credit balance. Among these phones was the LG G4, along with several other phones including the iPhone 6/6+, the LG V10 and the Samsung Note 5 and Galaxy S6/S6Edge.

So by sending in my working LG G4 I’ve already “saved” $312. The next step is to apply for the buy one get one free on the S7 & S7 Edge.

Buy One S7/S7 Edge get One Free:

Screenshot at 14-24-54

The Promotion for BOGO has been running for a while, but since currently only the Samsung Galaxy S7 (and not the S7 Edge) is included in the trade-in discount, you’ll have to either take two S7’s or one S7 and one S7 edge (no way to get two S7 Edges). Once you add both phones to your cart, the cheaper phone will immediately alert you that it will be free; redeemed through a prepaid Visa card that you’ll receive a few weeks after purchase.

Since my wife already has an iPhone I have no need for the second phone, (in my case I chose to keep the S7Edge); and currently the S7 is easily selling for $600-$620 on Craigslist or Ebay.

So far we’ve saved $312 + $672 from the BOGO offer + $600 by selling the second phone.

Pay off the phones with an American Express Blue/Preferred card.

Until June 15th American Express has a sign up offer for both the Blue (standard card is free) and the Blue Preferred ($75 annual fee), where all purchases at Wireless Carrier stores get you 10% back in credit statement. Meaning if you pay off both phones in full $672 + $792 = ~$1460), you’ll get 10% of that back in statement credit, redeeming you around $145. Not to mention the monthly $10 you’ll save by paying your contract off with the card.

So to recap your total payments on the phone will be $1460 – $312 (for trading in your old phone as Verizon balance) – $672 (BOGO free Visa Prepaid card) – $600 (if you choose to sell the other phone) – $146 (if you pay with Amex) = -$270

This means that not only did you score a brand new Samsung S7 Edge for free, but you also make a net $270 between cash or statement credit/Verizon balance.


Pretty awesome deal.

*Note: To qualify for the BOGO free on the Samsung deals you need to choose to buy the phones in installments rather than outright, however you can go ahead and pay them off completely the very next day. the line on the new phone also needs to remain active for 6 months.

*In order to receive the 10% discount from the Amex card you need to pay the phones off physically in the store, rather than online.