standard The LG G5 Review: Chasing Perfection


In a world where most companies have settled for incremental changes and slight tweaks from one flagship to another, LG have flipped the script, completely rebuilding their line of flagship G devices. Here’s our review of the all new LG G5:

The Good:

  1. Modular design allows for some interesting add-ons (should you choose to take advantage of them)
  2. The always on screen is pretty nifty, the main 5.3″ screen is also breathtaking
  3. An impressive line-up of Friends accessories (specifically the 360 Cam)
  4. Performance is extremely impressive
  5. Very responsive fingerprint scanner

The Average:

  1. The second Wide Angle lens is nice, but you won’t be suing it every day (the WideAngle front facing lens on the V10 was more interesting).
  2. Overall metal design is nice, but it’s a shame to part with the almost trademark LG rear volume buttons
  3. The 2,800 mAh removable battery is quite average, nothing impressive but nothing disastrous

The Bad:

  1. Volume rocker keys are mush y with very limited travel distance
  2. Speakers are loud but very tinny, to the point where you choose to listen at a lower volume to preserve the audio quality
  3. The phone is VERY slippery

Where the G4 came with gentle curves and a leather back, adorned with the rear facing power and volume buttons, the G5 has a metal unibody build (short of the module chin), while relocating the volume rocker to the left side of the phone. It’s worth mentioning thought that even with the metal build of the G5, the phone never feels cold to the touch, that’s mostly thanks to the layer of plastic paint coating on the phone, which also hides any ugly antenna lines.

Check out our full comparison between the LG G5 and the G4 in the video below:

The G5 also loses the removable back cover of the G4, however that doesn’t stop it from offering a removable battery and expandable SD storage. The finger print scanner does stay on the back of the device though, and it gains a pretty nifty fingerprint scanner to go along with it. DSC08675

On the inside the G5 is nothing short of a powerhouse, packing 4 GBs of RAM and a Snapdragon 820 processor (a hefty upgrade over the 808 the G4 came with last year). The performance of the G5 is nothing short of spectacular, as it never lagged on me once, or crashed, and more importantly it never got too hot to handle.

The modular design on the G5 ca either be the bell of the ball or a “bleh” attraction depending on where you stand with your phone, it’s something you’ll either love or not car for at all. Personally I loved it (you can check out our mini-review of the CamPlus attachment here), but even more-so I loved the line-up of friends accessories LG have to offer, especially the 360 Cam which allows for some insane 360 videos to be recorded, like the one below which i filmed in the Roman Amphitheater in Amman (to get the most out of this video watch it on the YouTube app on your phone):

All in all the G5 is a solid upgrade to the G4, that would make even the most content G4 user consider switching up, and for good reason, the modular capabilities combined with the expandable storage, the always on lock screen and the crazy dual camera setup are very enticing.