standard Nokia Android powered smartphones are coming! (meanwhile feature phones go to Foxconn)

Nokia+logo,+Helsinki,+Finland+87570Depending on where you stand, either your dream or nightmare is coming to life, Nokia today has announced that they will license the usage of their name on Android phones to be produced by a Finnish company called HMD Global Oy. HMD has announced that they will invest $500 million in making these upcoming Smartphone devices, at the helm of HMD will be Arto Nummela as CEO, who is currently head of Mobile divisions at Microsoft; meaning there will probably be a lot of goals, designs and thoughts shared between the original Nokia, Microsoft and now HMD.

Furthermore, to ensure that HMD doesn’t pump out any garbage Android phone and slap the Nokia branding on it, Nokia itself will have a say in what devices are produced, along with “mandatory brand requirements and performance related provisions.” to ensure the brand name itself doesn’t devolve into nothing more than a sticker.

On the other hand of this shake-up, Microsoft have sold off the feature phone division which it acquired from Nokia (along with the brand name for feature phones) to Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturing company best known for their involvement in producing Apple’s iPhone. The sale of the feature phone division includes transferring over 4,500 employees to Foxconn while Microsoft are set to make $350 million in the process.

Via: Engadget

  • Ronald Nathanael


  • rustyknight17

    Once again MS snatches defeat from the jaws of victory… I’ll be keeping an eye on Foxconn to see how

    • Joe_HTH

      What victory was there? There was no victory to be had. That’s why Microsoft sold everything to HMD and Foxconn.

      • rustyknight17

        Nokia had WP gaining market share . Not too much but noticeable. MS with their arrogance and glacial pace improving WP plus the reboots destroyed Nokia’s hard work .

  • rustyknight17

    they do . Nokia making Android phones? If they include some Symbian and / or Meego features could be doable…

  • easydoweb

    Welcome to my next Nokia device, yeah !

  • Koya

    Welcome back the King of Mobile! We wait for you for the last two years! My first Android phone is in the making!!!

  • Francis

    im currently using an s7 with the all in one gestures to try and mimic the N9’s UX but if they put that together with android i’m going back…

  • andy dude

    No PureView?

  • rustyknight17

    That said I”d much rather hav e Sailfish on the new Nokia phones. If you can load Android you can just as easily load Sailfish and Sailfish IMHO is the better OS …

    • LoveNokia

      Nokia and Jolla should merge and make phones again with Jolla OS/ Android OS/ Windows 10 Mobile

      • rustyknight17

        Wouldn’t mind the merger! Not necessarily WP10 though as it’s still a WIP . Wish I could get one of those Sailfish 2.0 phones .