standard Will Cross-Platform Gaming be the Future for Consoles?

cross_gameIf there is one thing that you can be sure of in the world of gaming, it is that the dominant companies will always compete to be the best. This can often be good, with “console wars” pushing them to build bigger and better hardware. Sometimes though it can also hold technology back, as is the case of with cross-platform gaming.

This multiplayer functionality has been slow to come, but is showing signs of becoming a reality. The real power of this though comes from the companies themselves. Microsoft with the Xbox One have shown some interest in allowing this to happen, but with Sony being the dominant company at this time they show little interest of allowing cross-platform gaming just yet.

There are signs that this will change though, and the proof of this is in the relationship both companies have with the PC. While it comes as no surprise that Microsoft allow cross-platform play, as they are a dominant force on the PC already, Sony allowing it is a nice change. We’ve seen this happen with the likes of Street Fighter 5 and Rocket League.

The real stumbling block that stands in the way of cross-platform gaming is the politics between Sony and Microsoft, and this is something that should be fixed for the good of the gamers. Now that the “console war” is apparently over then maybe this can happen.

In the long run what will this achieve? The answer to that is players doing battle on the PlayStation 4 against Xbox Players in games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, or maybe even games like Overwatch. In the future it could lead to even more versatile options such as PC games that are more casual in style like Candy Crush Saga, or opt with online bingo. There are plenty of choices out there if the possibility is given.

If console gaming is going to continue to be dominant, it has to be more flexible, in not just hardware but with cross-platform gaming. The decision on this of course is with Microsoft and Sony, so now we play the waiting game. The question is, will the answer be no?

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