standard Upcoming Xbox One S leaks ahead of E3 launch


With under 24 hours to go till E3 kicks off, someone has gone ahead and spoiled a bit of Microsoft’s fun by leaking what appear to be pictures of the upcoming Xbox One S. The “S” stands for “Slim” and besides being thinner than the original XBox One, the new S should come with a 2 TB on board storage, as well as 4K playback support. The leaks also claim that the power supply has finally built into the console itself, meaning there’s no longer a need for that huge unwieldy power brick. If true that makes the 40% decrease in the Xbox One S’ profile all the more impressive.

We’re expected to get the full scoop tomorrow at Microsoft’s E3 conference, but until then the One S does look like it’ll get the job done for a mid-line refresh of the console.


Via: TheVerge

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