standard LG’s latest TV is also a mosquito repeller


Since Summer is officially here, the bugs have come out to play, unless of course you have LG’s latest TV which includes “Mosquito Away” technology. The newly announced TV repels mosquitoes by playing ultrasonic sound waves (that humans can’t hear) to repel pesky mosquitoes, which are of course a major source of disease spread, including the particularly nasty Zika virus that’s cropping up now.

The TV is being targeted for India and East Asian countries including Sri Lanka and the Philippines, and will be available in two models, priced at 26,500 rupees and 47,500 rupees ($394 and $706). Also worth noting that the ultrasonic repellent is on all the time, even when the TV is off; whether these waves will annoy household pets such as dogs and cats is another question all-together.


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