standard Five Technology Gadgets Your Business Needs in 2016

homebusinessintellBusinesses are always looking for ways to get an edge on the competition, and technology offerings continue to help businesses stay on the top of their game. If you’re looking for gadgets to help your business aims, check out these awesome offerings and improve productivity with ease.


  • A Spherical Video Device


If you haven’t witnessed the majesty that is spherical, 360-degree video footage, you likely soon will. With YouTube and Facebook recently updating their format to accept uploads of this style of footage, companies are taking note and jumping on the spherical video bandwagon. It’s no wonder, as the marketing potential of this futuristic camera work is an entirely new way to experience places and product showings. It’s taken a long time for technology to catch up to this film style, as panoramic photographer Tom Mills explains:

“The tricky thing with 360-video is all camera positions have to be recording at the same time, so multiple cameras are needed and this means it’s impossible to capture without parallax. Over the last five years, we have seen many advancements in the industry. VR glasses for one, but finally camera companies are waking up to this technology.”

One such company “waking up” is GoPro. Businesses and individuals can pre-order the Omni, a six camera set up needed to capture 360 degree videos. The synchronized array makes it easy to stitch film together in post-production to make gorgeous, high-quality spherical imagery.


  • A 3D Printer


If you’re a company that produces tangible products, there’s much to be said about the ability of 3D printers to draw up prototype models. Having a 3D printer—additive manufacturing technology, to get technical—means turning an idea into a tangible object within hours of conception. Creating mock-ups can help your business sell an idea to interested investors, and allows for quick tailoring and redesign when required. The right setup can also allow for mass production of prototypes or end products themselves, meaning the investment can be more than worth the end results.


  • Tablets


On-the-go business professionals have to deal with getting all the information they need on the plane, train, or boat with them in order to access when required- cue tablets. Tablets aren’t new to the market, of course, but there are some enticing new offerings this year, including the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. This premium device is lightweight and runs on Microsoft Windows 10. It comes with a full sized keyboard cover, a 12-inch display, and an Intel Core M processor. Its small size makes it easy to cart around from meeting to meeting, and ensures all the information you need is at your fingertips when you need it. Tablets can speed up app use, improving productivity, and their portability allows employees to take work with them on the road, ensuring more output.


  • A FitBit


A FitBit might not have been at the top of the list when determining which gadgets to outfit your company and employees with, but this can be a viable investment for companies. Studies have repeatedly proven that happy, healthy employees are more productive. Looking to capture improve corporate wellness? These little devices just might do the trick. Fitbits allow and encourage employees to better monitor their health, which could result in less sick days taken and reduced health care costs. Lightweight and trendy, employees are often open to the inclusion of these trackers into a comprehensive wellness program, and can be used as a bonus for productivity or goals met.


  • A High-Tech Wallet


If you and your employees often travel for business, there’s much to be said about making the trips as comfortable and efficient as possible. One thing that’s not always on the forefront of our worries during business trips is the safety of our wallets; enter the Royce Freedom Wallet. This high-tech leather passport wallet has all the room for the usual wallet fare, but with some technological flair. Hidden inside the wallet is a Bluetooth tag that syncs up to a phone. If the wallet is lost or stolen, your phone will beep. This wallet of the future doesn’t stop there—it contains an RFID shield that protects your RFID credit card chips from data hackers.

Stay competitive with business gadgets that make every day processes easier and more efficient, whether that be through 3D printing efforts, spherical imagery, or even fitness trackers.


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