standard Micrososft confirms 4 new Surface devices by 2017

1467558531_building-88-surface-2017-473x630A recent tour of Microsoft’s building has confirmed something that shouldn’t surprise many people. Based on the display above (which is part of a display case showing off the Surface lineup), Microsoft have set up placeholders for 4 upcoming Surface products, one listed for 2016 and three more for 2017.

What exactly these upcoming Surface products are isn’t quite clear yet, as they could be anything from the Surface Pro 5, to a new Surface Book, the recently rumored Surface All in One PC, or possibly even the much rumored Surface Phone; or maybe some other crazy idea. All we do know for sure is Microsoft’s plans for the Surface lineup seem pretty solid right now.

Personally I’m rooting for a new Surface Book, only so that the original’s price would come down a bit.

Via: NeoWin


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