standard Pokemon Go is here, what you need to know:


Unless you’ve beenindex living under a rock, you’re sure to  have heard, seen someone playing Pokemon Go, or at least a meme referencing it. The newly released augmented reality app lets you explore your city while catching Pokemon or hatching eggs. When you’re not interacting with any Pokemon you only show up as a customized avatar on a full size map of whichever area you happen to be; however once you stumble upon a wild Pokemon the fun begins.

Once a wild Pokemon is encountered you tap on the screen to bring up the augmented reality view, where the Pokemon is overlayed onto wherever you may be. To catch it simply toss Pokeballs at it (be aware they will dodge, so be prepared to aim!).

The game has more complexities such as Poke-stops, Gyms, and teams; but those are best explained by playing the game, so go ahead and grab it from the link below and go catch them all!

Pokemon GO

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