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For anyone who has yet to upgrade to Windows 10, the gravy train will be leaving the station quite soon. The deadline to update to Windows 10 is only a week away, as after July 29th the upgrade will cost users $119, versus the zero dollars from here until the end of the month. So far Microsoft claims over 300 million devices have been upgraded to Windows 10,  an impressive figure but there are still plenty of devices running outdated Windows versions, especially Windows XP, which remains in high demand for legacy apps and systems that haven’t been updated to support more modern OSes.

So whether you’re using your Windows PC for business, gaming or just figuring out how to play bingo games online, then you’d better get updating to Windows 10. The update of course includes the ever present Cortana personal assistant, along with features such as remote play from Xbox, a redesigned start screen, Microsoft’s “all-new” revamped Edge browser,  and much more. One of the more major selling points of Windows 10 is the improved tablet/touch mode, to accommodate for the influx of hybrid 2-in-1 devices, such as the Surface Pro and Surface Book.

Although Microsoft has been upgrading users to Windows 10 quite aggressively in the past, using techniques such as automatically updating unaware users to the newer OS, as well as not offering a clear and direct way to opt out of future upgrades; instead offering users only an option to temporarily delay the inevitable, there are still many PC’s running an older version of Windows 10. The reason Microsoft are so intent on upgrading as many users as possible to Windows 10 isn’t only a numbers game, it also makes their life easier by allowing them to phase out older versions of the OS sooner. Not to mention of course it helps tie in Microsoft’s “ONE” platform, joining Mobile, with PC and Xbox.

To find out more on how to update to Windows 10 find out more in the link below:

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 or are you still holding out? If not let us know why down below.

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