standard Instagram will soon allow users to block certain words from their comments

With the battle to end online bullying and harassment heating up, aided by Twitter expanding their verified accounts to limit abuse, Instagram have now stepped in to do their share. Announced today Instagram will soon allow account to filter out certain words from comments posted on their profiles.

For example users can choose to filter out words usually associated with harassment, such as “fat” or “ugly” or even swear words should they choose to.  According to Instagram the feature will first be rolled out to some high profile accounts, such as celebrities or larger pages, with the feature soon expanding to the rest of users in a few weeks.

The unfortunate truth is those intent on harassing others will always find a way to circumvent such filters, be it by mis-spelling a word, or replacing certain letter with numbers (such as 3 for e, etc.), but it is certainly a nice move by instagram to at least try and cut back on online bullying.


Via: Engadget

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