standard Windows 10 Mobile finally rolling out to Nokia Lumia 830’s on At&t

DSC07550After what seems like months and years of wait time, At&t have finally begun rolling out the Windows 10 Mobile update to Nokia Lumia 830 devices. As always the carrier approval of software updates is a long, rigorous and painfully slow process, especially when users see others with unlocked phones getting software updates weeks and months before. The most frustrating part of the wait is of course that carriers never give a clear time frame on when a certain update will roll out, only promising that it will be “soon”, or telling customers to “stay tuned”.

To upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile users will have to opt into the “upgrade advisory program”, by downloading the app from the store link below:

Windows 10 Mobile brings in several new upgrades and features, most of which are under the hood changes; allowing Microsoft to help bring mobile phones into the fold of their “One” platform, making future app development and updates easier. The other major advantage of the update is enabling certain eligible phones to use continuum, a feature allowing you to use your phone as a full fledged PC when on the go, by connecting to a portable dock and hooking the phone up to a screen via HDMI. Windows 10 Mobile also brings with it the all new mobile browser, Microsoft Edge; the very same one available on desktop on tablets, meaning if you’re looking to play mobile bingo on your computer, or your phone all your favorites will still be synced across.

Recently Microsoft have also announced that Windows Phone devices running Window 8.1 and earlier will no longer be able to access Skype on their phones, so for some upgrading is a no-brainer decision. Of course the free Windows 10 upgrade timeline doesn’t apply to mobile devices, as some of them are yet to be eligible for the download. If you’re looking to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 then today is your last chance, before you’ll have to shell out $119 for the upgrade.

Anyone still looking to upgrade their phone or PC? What are you waiting for?

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