standard Instagram takes on Snapchat with their own self-expiring stories

Screenshot at 20-11-09One interesting fact I’ve come across, regardless of how many more active users Snapchat has over Instagram (which was once the center of all “hip” social media), is that some people really don’t want to join Snapchat. I was just having one such conversation with some good friends on Twitter (Colm & Hazel), who are big Instagram users but refuse to join Snapchat (take a peek below, and follow them on Twitter/Instagram):

It seems Instagram are taking advantage of that fact by adding their own version of Snapchat’s “stories” which are self expiring messages that disappear after 24 hrs. Of course Instagram also have their own version of the private messages, but until now those don’t expire after a certain time limit.


Similar to Snapchat, the idea behind the stories are to post those random photos that you don’t want to see come back and haunt you in a few weeks when a new girl you’re chatting up or a potential employer are stalking your profile; or maybe you just really want to post hundreds of pictures of your cat. For all those cases, use the stories to save yourself, and all your followers some time and embarrassment.

What do you think of the new Instagram stories, fan or not?

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