standard New Surface Book rumors hint at gapless hinge and 4K screens


One device I’ve been eyeing for a while now has been the Microsoft Surface Book, the beautiful magnesium bodied design, along with the 2-in-1 functionality making it in my eyes the perfect tablet/laptop hybrid, The added stylus and USB ports don’t hurt either. However given that it is a first generation device it’s only natural to have some quirks to be worked out, the most major of which people seem to complain about is the gap in the hinge joint, which allows some dust and dirt to build up when the laptop is stowed in a bag or something.

According to the latest set of rumors, courtesy of Windows Central, report that Microsoft are working on another iteration of the device working on some tweaks to make it even more user friendly. Rumors suggest that Microsoft are reworking the design of the hinge to get rid of the gap between the screen and the keyboard, personally I don’t see it as a huge problem, but then again I haven’t tried out the Surface book long enough to judge. Along with the updated hinge Microsoft are of course expected to boost the internal specs as well, adding in the latest Intel’s Kaby Lake processor, which should be announced later this year.

A surprising part of the rumor is that Microsoft are testing out three new sizes for the Surface Book as well (or a Surface PC almost?)

  • 21-inch at Full HD
  • 24-inch at 4K
  • 27-inch at 4K

The larger sizes are yet unconfirmed, and have only been mentioned as being “tested” but don’t be surprised if we do hear of larger screen sizes coming in.

The problem with rumors like this is that they make me want to hold off on buying a Surface Book for myself , I guess I’ll be waiting for “the next one”.

Read more over at Windows Central

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