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Lenovo recently launched their latest addition to the exciting phablet market earlier this year with the hugely anticipated Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. This striking device has made a big impression on the tech world thanks to a variety of features that include a luxurious display, formidable design flair and the inclusion of the groundbreaking Tango augmented reality technology.

In it’s thirty-year existence the Lenovo brand has already found success with its Yoga line of notebook laptops that have helped it become the world’s largest personal computer seller. And so it’s been fascinating to see how the brand’s Phab 2 Pro device could help it shake up the fledgling phablet market.

Upon unboxing, the Phab 2 Pro certainly makes an instant impression with it’s sleek 6.4-inch exterior easily outstripping its Apple and Samsung rivals, yet staying sleek enough to be pocketable, unlike the recent Huawei P8 Max that ultimately proved that phablets can be too big!

The Phab 2 Pro manages to fulfil most of the basic tasks expected of it with an admirable speed and intuitive dexterity thanks to the Snapdragon 652 processor. Although a few reviewers have stated that it’s a little too reliant upon apps for a smooth user experience, it’s nonetheless a massively promising device that should help the Lenovo brand make waves upon the international tech scene.

But it’s the inclusion of Tango augmented reality technology that have helped this phablet really make serious headlines in the gaming world and beyond. Tango uses motion tracking and depth perception to help make a seamless bridge between reality and the phablet’s display that will undoubtedly be a real hit with fans of the Pokémon Go experience.

And with even casino gamers feeling the need to catch up with the latest tech trends thanks to the visionary online roulette offerings at gaming sites like Lucky Nugget, it’s clear that the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro presents perhaps the most versatile mobile gaming device currently available thanks to its incredible processing power, razor-sharp display and revolutionary augmented reality technology.

However it isn’t just the Phab 2 Pro that’s helping the Lenovo brand become a big hit amongst casino games players. As just this month, the Chinese company also released fascinating details about its 4K and VR-ready gaming PC that should help it broaden its reach within the endlessly fascinating tech domain.


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