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One of my favorite parts about a new phone launch isn’t the new product itself, or the reviews, not even the insane drop/torture/bend tests can be as fun to watch and read as the slew of memes that come out mocking the latest phone. It’s a tradition as old as time, mainly picking on either Samsung’s Galaxy flagship line-up, or more commonly Apple’s iPhone’s.

As far back as I can remember whenever a big launch was set up, big jokes were made, whether it’s about the way the Apple Pencil charges through the iPad Pro, or the horrible music choice at a launch party (or perhaps the music automatically downloaded onto people’s phone *cough cough U2 cough*), people always find something to joke about, and of course the latest Apple iPhone 7 launch event was no different.

Sure Apple unveiled the “best iPhone yet” yet again, which is actually waterproof this time around and has a few decent changes, but all that was lost beneath the “courageous” decision to remove the world standard 3.5 mm headphone jack from the phone. Leaving users with a very difficult way to charge their phones while listening to some music through wired earphones. Here are a few of the greatest iPhone 7 mockeries so far (and a favorite from the Galaxy S5 launch).

One that always comes back to me was the well deserved mockery Samsung received over the design of the Galaxy S5, which looked strangely familiar:

The greatest part about this vicious mocking tradition is that everyone gets in on it, from rivals and competitors, to celebrities and even online gambling sites, such as Confused Casino. Here are a few of our favorite memes and mockeries of the new iPhone 7:


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